Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Needed to Hold Fundraiser for Fred Nehls Medical Expenses


Dear Friends & Colleagues,
As many of you know my husband, Fred, had a liver transplant in September. Unfortunately, he has continued to have problems with his liver, bile duct and pancreas and the situation has recently got worse. We have been told if his bile duct does not begin to work on it’s on within the next 6 months he will go back on a liver transplant list. Also, his pancreas is not producing the enzyme needed to break down food so that the body can absorb the nutrients so he has become manutritioned. He currently is drinking lots of Ensure nutrient drinks and eating several small and light meals a day.

To help offset the growing medical bills we will be holding a Chili and Soup fundraiser on February 27, 12-3, at the Piedmont Seventh Day Adventist church located at the corner of 48 & A, Lincoln, NE.

I am currently looking for assistance and hope that you might be willing to donate a pot of chili, chicken noodle, vegetable soup (no pork as it is against their religion), cupcakes or cakes. Other items needed are shredded cheese, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, butter, crackers, tea, coffee, disposable bowls, small plates, utensils, napkins and bodies to help serve and cleanup.

Please let me know if you can help in anyway.

Maria Nehls