Monday, September 27, 2010

Update On Fred's Recovery

Well, since Fred's liver transplant he has had several complications. We came home on Sept. 17 and I readmitted him on Sept. 20 due to his bile duct collapsing and a stint was placed. Due to the bile sitting in the stomach they placed a drain bag and then opened his incision in five places which I have to pack with gauze soaked in saline twice a day and flush the drain bag twice a day and hook him up to a daily infusion of antibiotic. I keep telling the insurance company that I'm not a nurse nor do I wish to be one but they say they will not continue to pay for home health care but to  have us learn ow to care for it.

Below are the raffle items that we hope gather enough funds to help cover medical bills. Remember that Christmas is coming mast and you will need gift items.

Raffle Items
Lsa Richardson, who is a Mary Kay consultant donated a TimeWise Miracle Set valued at $90.00. 

The kit includes the 3 in 1 cleanser, night solution, day solution and age-fighting moisturizer. Raffle tickets are $5.00 a piece or 4 for $20.00.

Ann and Jesse Medrano have again donated a one-night stay at their lovely bed and breakfast, Annie's Garden Guest House, in Amana Iowa. Included with the one-night stay is $30 gift card to the Ronneburg Restaurant. What a great weekend trip to relax and visit the lovely and quaint sites of Amana Iowa. Value of package is $140. Tickets for the one-night Bed and Breakfast package are $10.00 per ticket or 5 for $40.00

This beautiful bag was donated by Jean Ahrens and her daughter Tuvan. Tuvan who own a quaint little shop in Scottsbluff. Tickets for the beautiful bag are $5.00 per ticket or 6 for $30.00


This wonderful scarf closely matches the bag and was donated by Jean Ahrens and her daughter Tuvan. Tickets for this beautiful scarf are $5.00 per ticket of 6 for $30.00

Karen Warner graciously cross stitched this lovely Santa (Christmas will be here before you know it) and set it in a lovely wood frame. Tickets for this beautiful cross stitched picture are $5.00 per ticket or 5 for $30.00.

Karen Warner also donated a children's book, Library Lil signed by the author.Tickets for this book are $2 per ticket or 6 for $10.00.

My coworker, Linda Jensen, is a very good crocheter and made this beautiful crocheted baby blanket. Tickets for this beautiful crocheted baby blanket are $5.00 per ticket or 6 for $30.00

Gretchen Healy donated mixture of native hand beaded earrings. Your choice of earrings - tickets $2.00 per ticket or 6 for $10.00.

Notice the cute little girl and boy.

Gretchen Healy also donated these lovely native hand beaded barrettes. Tickets are $2.00 or 6 for $10.00. Your choice.

This beautiful Angel candle holder will look lovely being displayed at Christmas or any time of the year. Tickets are $3.00 per ticket or 6 for $15.00.

Sally Snyder has donated a collectable piece from the Willow Tree Collection. This piece is called Love of Learning. Tickets for the item is $2.00 per ticket or 6 for $10.00


Sally also donated a collectable piece from the Charming Tails Collection called No One Tells It Like You.

Tickets for this item are $3.00 per ticket or 6 for $15.00

Sally Snyder also donated this beautiful collectable piece The Lord is my Strengthstatue by Perfectly Paisley

Mary Geibel has donated a gift certificate for 1 - 18 hole green fees with cart at the Heritage Hills Golf Course in McCook, NE. This certificate must be used by December 31, 2010. Tickets are $3 per ticket or 6 for $15.00.

Please send check to:
Fred Nehls Transplant Fund
C/O Maria Medrano-Nehls
1259 South 21st Street, Apt. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502


Name: ____________________________
Address: __________________________
E-mail: ___________________________
Raffle Item: _______________________

If you would rather give a donation instead of purchase raffle ticket you can send donations to:

Fred Nehls, Transplant Medical Expenses
1st National Bank of Omaha
134 S 13th St # 100
Lincoln, NE 68508

Please make checks payable to: Fred Nehls Transplant Medical Expenses.


Call for a Helping Hand

Family and Friends,

As most of you know my husband is still waiting for a Liver Transplant which has caused many more medical complications for him. The longer we wait the sicker he becomes and the more it cost to care for him.

Now with my Lupus coming out of remission after 6 years I have missed even more work and have to take several more medications and see the doctors more often. Due to the complications that I am having from the Lupus I am missing quite a bit of work which is making it difficult to cover the daily living expenses, as well as medications (many are specialty drugs), doctors, and hospital copays.

Therefore, I am asking all of my family and friends if they have any items they would like to donate that I can use as a raffle item or maybe you would be willing to share this request with your friends to see if they would be willing to donate something.

Thanks for all of your help and continued friendship.


Hi All,
First, I want to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets or sent a donation. Every cent was appreciated and went to cover many medical expenses.


Fred has lost almost all if his ability to stand or walk without assistance from a walker, furniture, walls or a person. He suffers from terrible muscle cramps in his legs and hands and has many full body spasms that scare me to death. His body muscle is wasting away which makes it hard to get up from the couch, chair or bed without assistance. He has what the doctor’s call Flapping, in which his hands are usually flapping back and forth or shaking so bad that he can’t hold things. He can no longer control his body temperature so he is forever freezing.

His narcolepsy is getting worse and we find him asleep everywhere and anywhere. He continues to suffer from memory loss and still sleeps like the dead for days so that he can’t tell if he’s waking up the same day or another day so he’s always asking what day it is. His body no longer breaks down solid food so he lives on Ensure nutritional drinks. I asked my insurance and Medicare if they would cover the Ensure because it’s not cheap but both said “no” because it is sold over the counter.

This last week, Fred again fell but this time it was in the bathroom and he broke some ribs, sprained his wrist and is covered in so many bruises that he looks like someone beat him. We are trying to get the insurance to help cover the cost of a lift chair, small electric wheelchair or scooter, and other medical supplies that can make it easier for him to do things with a little less assistance but we’ve not heard anything yet.

As for me, stress, lack of sleep, and having no life has caught up with me. After 6-years of being in remission from Lupus; I have come out of remission and started to suffer from many things. First, I started suffering from headaches that started at the base of my head, went up to the top of the head and around to my temples. They made me so sick that I could hardly function. After lots of testing it was determined that I had inflammation in the blood vessels in my brain which was caused from the Lupus. I am once again suffering from joint pain that makes moving almost impossible somedays, unexplained rashes on my body and sores in my mouth. I managed to catch the flu and a sinus infection at the same time and seem to be fatigued most of the time.

In a month’s time I only worked two of the four weeks because the other two weeks I was too sick to get out of bed. Believe me all the tests and medications I’ve had in the last month are racking up another set of medical bills. I’m going own my body and soul to St. Elizabeth’s hospital and my doctors.


I’ll bet you thought that I had dropped the ball on the raffle but I didn’t. Due to Fred’s condition becoming worse and my own health taking a turn for the worse I simply didn’t have the time or the desire to do much of anything.

But, I had my friend, Teri Pope-Gonzales do the drawing this time and the winners are:
Karen Warner – Santa statue. Donated by Donna Hunter and Kathy Fischer

Nancy Escamilla – bronze statue of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Donated by Jean Ahrens and her daughter, Thuvon.

Cynthia Taylor – Joel Sartore’s Book, Nebraska under a Big Red Sky. Donated by Joel Sartore.
Marilyn Gordon
– a Lladro statue

Nancy (Sally Snyder’s sister) – a Lladro statue

I still have the following items available as raffle items and hope someone out there would like to bid on them. If anyone has items they would like to donate to be used for the raffle I’d be grateful for them. If you have any idea’s for other fundraisers I would appreciate the information and maybe help to pull it off.


The two books donated by author, Judy Schachner. One book is titled Skippyjon Jones in the Dog-House with bonus CD included.

The other is Mrs. Emerson’s Cook.

Raffle tickets are $3.00 a piece or 4 for $10.00.

Three beautiful Prints of Original Paintings by Sandi Gore Evans. The prints can be purchased for $3.00 per ticket or 4 for $10. 00.

A beautifully illustrated, hard cover book of the Christmas Carol by Mark Summers can be purchased for $2.00 per raffle ticket or 6 for $10.00

Please send check to:

Fred Nehls Transplant Fund
C/O Maria Medrano-Nehls
1259 South 21st Street, Apt. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502

Raffle Ticket
Thank you!


Update on Fred Nehls

It’s been awhile since I posted but have had a lot of things going on here. I hope your holidays were good and that you’re getting into the swing of the New Year. We spent Christmas snowed in from the blizzard but the boys were able to get to us so we were able to have Christmas together. We have had lots of snow this year.

I had hoped that this New Year would be a better one but unfortunately it
hasn’t. First, Fred developed a respiratory infection so I took him to the doctor and when we got home he slipped and fell and broke 3 ribs.

Then he went to sleep one night and the next day I could not get him to wake up. He was very lethargic and incoherent. When I tried to wake him he kept saying that he was making oatmeal. I called the doctor because I know that eventually Fred will fall into a coma before his organs shut down and the doctor prescribed medication to help get the ammonia level down to see if that would help. 24 hours later he was up but could barely move his legs.

The doctor determined that the ammonia has damaged a portion of his brain and his ability to walk has been affected. He can’t get himself up from the couch or bed. He can’t stand long without his knee’s buckling and he’s on the floor. Fred is becoming more frustrated and depressed. I have had to have him sign power of attorney to me because his short term memory is getting worse.

The doctor also said his liver and kidney functions have decreased. I have been in contact with the Medical Center and they have moved him up the list but we still have to wait for a liver that is a perfect match.

I cringe every time I have to take Fred to the doctor, hospital, or lab facility because I know that 20 % of the bill will be added to the thousands of dollars I already owe them but most of them have been kind and let me pay in payments that I can afford and others are not so kind.

I can tell you the stress is really starting to wear on me and some days I pray to the Lord for patience and guidance and other days I ‘m sure that he hates me and I’m being punished for something. My nerves are shot and I have lost feeling in the tips of my fingers from nerve damage which the doctors believe is caused from the Lupus. Yet, I keep going like the energizer bunny with a smile on my face and tears behind my eyes.

Thanks to all of you that have continued to support the raffle and donation of money and for all the hugs and messages letting me know that you continue to keep us in your prayers.

The two new items to raffle are books sent from Judy Schachner. One book is titled Skippyjon Jones in the Dog-House with bonus CD included.

The other is Mr. Emerson’s Cook.

Raffles are $3.00 a piece or 4 for $10.00.

I still have other items offered in earlier raffles due to the slow sale of tickets. The following items are still available for raffle.

Tickets for this wonderful book with color photos byJoel Sartore can be purchased for $2.00 apiece or 6 for $10.00.

Raffle tickets for this beautiful statue of Santa can be purchased for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. 00.

Raffle tickets for thebeautiful prints can be purchased for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. 00.

Tickets for the hard cover book of the Christmas Carol with color drawing illustrations by Mark Summers can be purchased for $2.00 apiece or 6 for $10.00

Raffle tickets for the beautiful statue of Mary, Joseph and Jesus can be purchased for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. 00. This statue is 9.5" H X 9.5" W and sold by Topland Trading for $119.00.

Raffle tickets for this beautiful LladróSpring is Here figurine can be purchased for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.00. Spring is Here Figurine – value $260, You can verify the price by going to the Lladró website

Raffle tickets for this beautiful LladróDressing the Baby can be purchased for $5.00 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. 00. This statue was issued in 1992 and retired in 2005.This figurine retails for $274 on the Lladró website but sells for $474 at The Collectors Shop, a Limited Edition Art and Collectables shop. Dressing the Baby Figurine – value $274 - $474.

Please send check to:

Fred Nehls Transplant Fund
C/O Maria Medrano-Nehls
1259 South 21st Street, Apt. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502

Raffle Ticket
Thank you!



First, I would like to wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays. I would also like to thank those of you who have donated items for the raffles, purchased raffle tickets or donated money directly to the transplant fund. Fred and I would like to express our appreciation to each of you.

Unfortunately, the current raffle only got a few responses which did not even cover the cost of the items, therefore, I decided to extended the raffle until after the 1st of the the year.

I would like to give you a little update on Fred. For over a week I have noticed that Fred didn't want to get on his feet so when I checked his feet and legs they were very swollen and red. On Monday, I took Fred to see the specialist and it seems that his kidney functions are failing faster then expected. This puts a whole new urgency to get a liver transplant. The confusion and periods of dementia are becoming more frequently due to the high ammonia levels going to his brain.

Due to the stress I have developed ulcers and a infection in my lower intestine which is being treated with 4 different antibiotics. But my faith that God will continue to help me through this situation is still strong. I also want to thank all of you have helped me get through these rough times. Let us pray that next year will be better.


UPDATE: Raffle Dates Extended

Due to the low number of raffle tickets purchased for any of the raffle items the drawing dates will be extended. Please look at the items listed in the previous post for items and extended drawing dates.

Fred and I would like to thank everyone who has donated an item for the raffle, purchased raffle tickets, made a monetary donation or kept us in their prayers.

We wish all of you a very Joyful and Merry Christmas!

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