Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call for a Helping Hand

Family and Friends,

As most of you know my husband is still waiting for a Liver Transplant which has caused many more medical complications for him. The longer we wait the sicker he becomes and the more it cost to care for him.

Now with my Lupus coming out of remission after 6 years I have missed even more work and have to take several more medications and see the doctors more often. Due to the complications that I am having from the Lupus I am missing quite a bit of work which is making it difficult to cover the daily living expenses, as well as medications (many are specialty drugs), doctors, and hospital copays.

Therefore, I am asking all of my family and friends if they have any items they would like to donate that I can use as a raffle item or maybe you would be willing to share this request with your friends to see if they would be willing to donate something.

Thanks for all of your help and continued friendship.


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