Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi All,
First, I want to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets or sent a donation. Every cent was appreciated and went to cover many medical expenses.


Fred has lost almost all if his ability to stand or walk without assistance from a walker, furniture, walls or a person. He suffers from terrible muscle cramps in his legs and hands and has many full body spasms that scare me to death. His body muscle is wasting away which makes it hard to get up from the couch, chair or bed without assistance. He has what the doctor’s call Flapping, in which his hands are usually flapping back and forth or shaking so bad that he can’t hold things. He can no longer control his body temperature so he is forever freezing.

His narcolepsy is getting worse and we find him asleep everywhere and anywhere. He continues to suffer from memory loss and still sleeps like the dead for days so that he can’t tell if he’s waking up the same day or another day so he’s always asking what day it is. His body no longer breaks down solid food so he lives on Ensure nutritional drinks. I asked my insurance and Medicare if they would cover the Ensure because it’s not cheap but both said “no” because it is sold over the counter.

This last week, Fred again fell but this time it was in the bathroom and he broke some ribs, sprained his wrist and is covered in so many bruises that he looks like someone beat him. We are trying to get the insurance to help cover the cost of a lift chair, small electric wheelchair or scooter, and other medical supplies that can make it easier for him to do things with a little less assistance but we’ve not heard anything yet.

As for me, stress, lack of sleep, and having no life has caught up with me. After 6-years of being in remission from Lupus; I have come out of remission and started to suffer from many things. First, I started suffering from headaches that started at the base of my head, went up to the top of the head and around to my temples. They made me so sick that I could hardly function. After lots of testing it was determined that I had inflammation in the blood vessels in my brain which was caused from the Lupus. I am once again suffering from joint pain that makes moving almost impossible somedays, unexplained rashes on my body and sores in my mouth. I managed to catch the flu and a sinus infection at the same time and seem to be fatigued most of the time.

In a month’s time I only worked two of the four weeks because the other two weeks I was too sick to get out of bed. Believe me all the tests and medications I’ve had in the last month are racking up another set of medical bills. I’m going own my body and soul to St. Elizabeth’s hospital and my doctors.


I’ll bet you thought that I had dropped the ball on the raffle but I didn’t. Due to Fred’s condition becoming worse and my own health taking a turn for the worse I simply didn’t have the time or the desire to do much of anything.

But, I had my friend, Teri Pope-Gonzales do the drawing this time and the winners are:
Karen Warner – Santa statue. Donated by Donna Hunter and Kathy Fischer

Nancy Escamilla – bronze statue of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Donated by Jean Ahrens and her daughter, Thuvon.

Cynthia Taylor – Joel Sartore’s Book, Nebraska under a Big Red Sky. Donated by Joel Sartore.
Marilyn Gordon
– a Lladro statue

Nancy (Sally Snyder’s sister) – a Lladro statue

I still have the following items available as raffle items and hope someone out there would like to bid on them. If anyone has items they would like to donate to be used for the raffle I’d be grateful for them. If you have any idea’s for other fundraisers I would appreciate the information and maybe help to pull it off.


The two books donated by author, Judy Schachner. One book is titled Skippyjon Jones in the Dog-House with bonus CD included.

The other is Mrs. Emerson’s Cook.

Raffle tickets are $3.00 a piece or 4 for $10.00.

Three beautiful Prints of Original Paintings by Sandi Gore Evans. The prints can be purchased for $3.00 per ticket or 4 for $10. 00.

A beautifully illustrated, hard cover book of the Christmas Carol by Mark Summers can be purchased for $2.00 per raffle ticket or 6 for $10.00

Please send check to:

Fred Nehls Transplant Fund
C/O Maria Medrano-Nehls
1259 South 21st Street, Apt. 2
Lincoln, NE 68502

Raffle Ticket
Thank you!


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